Elvendrums' Newsletter

Elvendrums Newsletter – January 28, 2004

Greetings from the Elves!

As always, you are receiving this fine publication because you’ve asked to be added to our mailing list. Please let us know right away if you’d like to be removed or are receiving extra copies.

Ever get so far behind in writing to a friend that you wonder if they still remember you? Well, we've found ourselves in that position as we finally write all of you. It's been months since last sent a newsletter and a lot has been happening!

Big Elven News

Our biggest news is that last Saturday night, just hours before the ice storm hit the Midwest, we finished our most recent CD, Drumstruck!!! After years of requests, we’ve finally recorded an all-drumming CD, capturing the early sounds of Elvendrums the drumming ensemble. We’ve remixed a few previously recorded songs and added some new rhythms we’d never have imagined back then. New songs are a mixture of meditation and celebration, and we challenge all of you to stay seated through Forest Squid.

Those of you who have seen us perform live are probably familiar with the antics of Dragontina and Nerethel as they speculate what the light in Walking in the Woods might be. They've been known to suggest it is the "rare glowing forest squid, found in the northern climes...." Forest squid captures the wild abandon of a bunch of elves in the forest, playing whatever is handy. In full digital, multi-track glory, you can hear us play tankards, wooden bowls, mixing spoons, cowbells, music stands and everything else that was lying around in the studio at the time. What fun!

We’ll be mastering the CD and finishing up the cover art soon. Watch the website for a CD Release Party date. www.elvendrums.com

Even More Elven Excitement

Since this newsletter is so long in coming, we decided to have TWO big pieces of news! Nerethel has completely remodeled and uploaded our website, simplifying the navigation and making it faster to load. We’ve needed to do this for a long time and we hope you like it. There are still parts that need to be written; still others that need to migrate from the former site, so try to be patient. One new feature is Devan’s web journal column, Tea at Greenberry, a place for her to share her thoughts on the band, music, magic and most everything else. Although it isn't the book she's been promising everyone, she plans to post regularly. To help you find the other stories and articles written by members of the band, we've added a Commentary section. One last thing – last Fall we had to disable our guestbook due to spam attacks. Thanks to Nerethel, we now have a new Guestbook and we hope you’ll visit and send us a note. We also added a “write to us” form. These days we get so much spam (ok, who doesn’t??) that having a form keeps us from accidentally deleting a real note from you! It’s amazing how many notes with the subject “hi” come from total strangers, isn’t it?

We appreciate all Nerethel’s hard work these past few months and hope you will as well!

Upcoming Gigs

So far, we’re confirmed at the St Louis Renaissance Festival May 15-16 and May 21-22. We’re working on our contract to play Heartland Sunday, May 30. Check our site for more dates and details.

These are busy days for the elves. Hope our long-delayed note finds you well and happy.

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