Elvendrums' Newsletter

Elvendrums Newsletter
Dear Elvendrums,

Newsletter - 02 25 2009 

Well, here we are again with another exciting installment of the Elvendrums' Newsletter!  As promised, we don't send these out often.   We're finally moving back into performance mode after several years of infrequent shows and even less frequent newsletters!  The energy is picking up for us and we're excited to be doing more with the band.  We hope this finds you well and happy, even given the current economic status.  We don't spend much time fretting over current financial conditions, believing that you attract that which occupies your attention.  Given that, for all of you, we're thinking about prosperity and new opportunities created by change. 
Recent Performances
Upcoming Performances
Band Update
New Songs
New CD?!
Musicians Still Wanted
Elves on the Internet
News from Elenkaia
Nerethel's Rambling Bits...
News from Phookasoo
Recent Performances  Warrenton, MO

Since we last wrote, we've done lots of really fun and interesting shows!  In September, we played the Ashland Fall Festival. This show was the debut of our "Drumcapella" format - shows using only vocals and drums. It was fun playing in a park pavillion for hundreds of unsuspecting Ashlandians. 
October was another new exprience for us as we played a benefit concert for the Vispanna Buddhist Center in Jefferson City, Mo.  The event, called Sweet Nirvana, featured a silent auction and the most incredible array of desserts you could imagine.  We played while the audience ate chocolate, so you know they loved us.  We plan to do this one again next year. 
In November, we played as part of a community concert series in Warrenton, Missouri. The venue was a vintage movie theater, renovated for plays and concerts. It was gorgeous, and it gave us a chance to play for a new audience. 
In January, we were special guests at VisionCon, a convention held each year in Springfield, Mo.  We're their featured entertainment at next year's show, so watch for that one.  It's a great fantasy/'science fiction con with loads of games, costumed characters, contests and frivolity over a weekend in a hotel.  There's nothing quite like talking to Storm Troopers at 3 in the morning. 
Upcoming Performances That's a BIG frog!

Even we are surprised at the number of shows we have scheduled, now that we're emerging from our "hanging out at home with MIss Elenkaia and the pets" stage.  We're trying to keep the website up to date, but here's a preview of coming events:

 February 27-March 1, 2009 
Magickal Hibernation - An Indoor Festival and resort weekend of Mystery and Wonder
The Inn at Grand Glaize, Osage Beach, MO
Indoor Faire Merchants of jewels and swords, herbs, cloaks and enchanted
clothes, books, magickal tools, and all manner of Art.
Elvendrums performance plus Intuitive Drumming workshop by Devan & Nerethel
March 20-22, 2009   
Doorways Spiritual Retreat  Tulsa Oklahoma Raddison Hotel
Elvendrums performance plus workshop on Faerie and Panel discussion by Devan  

May 16-17, 23-25  30-31, June 6-7, 2009   

St. Louis Renaissance Festival   Wentzville, MO  Rotary Park
June 15, 2009 Monday night (possible second show that week)
PSG  Camp Zoe, Missouri Ozarks

July 11-12, 2009  Tentative 
Silverleaf Renaissance Festival  Battle Creek, Michigan
August 1-2, 2009   World of Fairy Festival 
 Vasa Park   South Elgin, IL

September 12, 2009    Tentative  
Ashland Fall Festival
October 3, 2009    Tentative 
Multicultural Festival
Jefferson City, MO
October 2009  Date to be set
Sweet Nirvana - A benefit for the Vispanna Buddhist Center
Apache Flats, MO
December 31, 2009  Tentative
First Night Columbia
Columbia MO
January 2010   Date to be set
VisionCon   Springfield, MO
August 27-29, 2010
Boy Scout Centenniel Celebration
Kansas City, MO
Band Update
Elves Keep Right 
Nerethel, perpetual student of statistics, is finally a senior at University of Missouri.  He's also employed as an intern at the Missouri Department of Conservation and working at Petco.  Elenkaia has started learning to play the guitar, and given that she practices every day, everyone is happy she didn't choose clarinet.  Or French horn (like her mother). While beautiful instruments when played well, they are hard on the parents of beginning students!
We're working on new merchandise for future shows - tshirts and buttons.  We'll have Elvendums tshirts at our shows starting this month!!! 

New Songs
 Lucy...in the sky...with diamonds...
We're still writing new songs - can you believe it?!  Devan is working on some new drum pieces from ideas she's had for a while - Following and Dance Around the FireFollowing is a cautionary song about how the energy of the magic you do lives on  - following you as you move to the next thing in your life.  Dance Around the Fire celebrates the energy shared between drummers and dancers around the fire.
A third song, much sillier and probably more fun, is called Everybody Wants to Be a Fairy!, and it is still being finalized as a drumming piece.  At a children's costume contest, Devan noticed that nearly all the costumed children were dressed as fairies.  This song celebrates the energy of the fairies of disney and the media.  It's being written for drumcapella use, with a bouncy, infectious, silly sound.
New CD?!
  Drumming Hands
We're back in the studio, recording the new CD.  So far we have 12 songs, and it is sounding really good.  We're working on a mixture of new songs and remixed, reformatted old songs,  planning for two new drumming pieces as well.  One of the highlights is Aine's Lament, a song we've performed for over four years amid requests to record it.  We've finally settled on an arrangement and it should be on the new CD. 
We'll keep you posted on a release date. 
Musicians Still Wanted Your Face Here

Our upcoming gigs are Drumcapella, but we're still interested in adding a guitar player and possibly additional drummers. 
The ideal guitar player will be able to learn new music by ear, be non-smoking and have a good singing voice. This person will be family-friendly, spontaneous, creative, fun-loving and energetic.  Additional instruments a plus.

If you know anyone who might want to play with us, let them know we're looking.  And that we're fun. Oh, and cool.  And popular.  Just don't say we have great personalities............... 
Elves on the Internet Elenkaia Rides a Frog 

   We're slowly taking your advice and increasing our web presence.  We just finished processing a lot of video footage from recent gigs - watch for that on our webpage in the video section.
We've just started MyPage and Facebook pages.
Devan is finally moving her blog from Tea at Greenberry to LiveJournal.  Watch for it under either Elvendrums or Tea at Greenberry. 
We're still planning to get involved with Renaissance Festival and other groups.  Suggestions?  Email us!
News from Elenkaia
Elven guitar solo 
A great movie!
A few days ago, I went to see the movie Hotel for Dogs.  When i saw it, it was about two foster kids who had probably about 20 foster parents in just three years.  None of the foster parents ever knew that their foster kids had a dog.  The kids were selling fake things for food for their dog and got into trouble plenty of times, so the police did know who they were.  They end up fixing up a very old hotel, called hotel for dogs, with a few other people helping them.  After the movie was done, I told my mom "if I could I would give this movie six million stars!"
Recommended books:
A book I recommend is Geronimo Stilton.  It is a very big series about a mouse who has many adventures with his sister, Thea, a sports mouse; his fat cousin, Trapp, who is a real jokester; and his best nephew, Benjamin, who always can make Geronimo's day.  Geronimo is no sports mouse - he's a scardey mouse.  He's afraid of cats, Halloween, firecrackers, the dark, enclosed spaces, elevators, going fast, scary mouse movies.   
If you like silly adventures, get Geronimo Stilton - that's what I recommend for you.
A fun instrument to play:
Have you ever tried to play guitar? It's very fun. And easy.  For most people, it only takes about three months to get pretty good. I've been doing it since December and I try to practice every day. Every Saturday I go to my lesson and sometimes I get new music papers to practice.  I'm already doing two songs and chords.  The chords are hard, but fun.  
Comedy Act:
I've been writing some jokes, hoping to do a couple for about five minutes between my parents' shows.  If you would like to read some jokes, keep on reading.
Two muffins were in the oven.  One said to the other "hey, how you doin?"  the other said "ahhhhhh, a talking muffin!"
A duck walks into a bar and asks the bartender "got any bread?"  Bartender says "nope."  Duck says "ok."  About five seconds later duck says, "got any bread?"  Bartender says, "No! a little more annoyed.  Duck says, "ok."  About five minutes later duck says "got any bread?"  Bartender says, "if you ask me one more time, I'll nail you to the table!"  Duck says "ok.  Got any nails?"  Bartender says  "nope."  Duck says "got any bread?"
Two cats are on a fence.  one says "meow." The other one says, "hey, that's what I was going to say!"
I hope you liked reading my news.    Elenkaia
Nerethel's Rambling Bits Nerethel being goofy
Life is certainly busy, isn't it? I am still going to school full time, hoping to earn a degree in statistics (and learn Chinese along the way). This can be difficult at times, as I am still working at Petco, have an internship at the Missouri Department of Conservation (working on a statistical project, of course), and eking out some time to work on Elvendrums music. I am attempting to work out the schedule so that I still can find a few hours each month to write my games, or even (gasp!) play some!
I am enjoying school, learning about sampling techniques, writing scientific papers, learning multivariate calculus and trying to speak Mandarin (writing it is more fun). There are days when I ask myself, "What do you think you're doing?!?!" Then, I look at the benefits and the sheer fun of working with statistics, and find new motivation.
I am enjoying Petco, too. Every day brings new adventures there, with friendly dogs coming in the store, great birds to talk to, and fun little animals of all kinds I am allowed to socialize with while it's slow. They pay me to come in, too!
I also have an internship at the Missouri Department of Conservation, assisting in the clean up and analysis of reams of data from the 2004 Missouri River survey. I have learned a very important lesson from this experience (among many), and that is 'keep your data clean'. We write programs in SAS (a statistical software package) to filter out any inconsistencies in the data, then delve into the records by hand to figure out what really happened 4 years ago at the specific point on the river. I know, it sounds dreadfully boring, but it's actually kind of relaxing.
My band work has been devoted lately to recording at the studio (see above), and learning after 10 years how to re-head our drums.
Oh yeah. I'm also trying to write/play some role-playing games. Once I find a gap of a few hours, I'll get right on it!

News from Phookasoo Phooka gets a groove on
Granny Phook's Best Ever Soppin' Bread
(simple baking powder biscuits)

These tastes so good you'll never buy Whompum Biskits again! You know
what whompum biskits are.. that is them store bought biskits you whomp
on the counter to open. These keep good in airtight containers and
re-warm wonderfully! Good alone or to sop up gravy or soups!

2 C sifted all-purpose flour
4 tsp. Baking powder
tsp. Salt
C. solid shortening (you can use butter flavored if'n you like that)
2/3 C. milk

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.  Sift together the flour, baking powder
and salt into a medium bowl.  Cut in shortening until mixture looks like
coarse and has pea-sized chunks throughout.  Make a well and add milk
all at once. Stir with a fork until the dough forms a ball and trails
the fork around the bowl.  Turn out onto floured surface.  Knead gently
10 to 12 times.  Pat or roll to inch thick.  Cut with floured biscuit
cutter or edge of drinking glass.  Place on ungreased baking sheet.
Bake for 10 to 12 minutes.  Yeild:  8-10 biscuits.

Phookasoo's Skunk Juice
(so named 'cause Devan says it tastes the way a skunk smells)

Equal parts water and lemon or lime juice over a cup full of ice. No
sugar added!!! Careful where you spill it, it might burn a hole in

Joyous Rhythms!
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