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Elvendrums Newsletter - Special Edition – March 18th, 2005

As most of you know, Avatar has just spent most of the past three months flat on his back, watching television and letting his back injury heal. It’s been a slow process of recovery, and he’s currently in a holding pattern while specialists try to decide if and when to do surgery, which will be extensive.

After much reflection, he has made the decision to retire from the band and from most of the music scene. It is not a decision made lightly for this person who began playing guitar at 17, and writing songs in his early twenties. There has never been a time in his life when music wasn’t important to him, but he no longer feels physically able to maintain a rigorous schedule and perform. It’s been a tough decision for him, having started Elvendrums with Devan nearly 11 years ago, creating the unique sound and energy of a band that has never since been duplicated.

While he no longer feels he can rehearse record and perform regularly with Elvendrums, he plans to join us on stage as he’s able, and the rest of the band will perform our spring schedule with Gregg Harris, hoping to audition for a permanent replacement later this summer. We’ve already started talking with him about a “reunion show,” possibly this Fall, featuring the new members of the band and “original” member. We’ll keep you posted.

Knowing Avatar for all these years, we support his decision to take care of his health, and we’re encouraged by his promise to still practice his guitar and hold jam sessions in his home studio as he can. This past weekend, when he shared his decision with the rest of us, we took time to recall some of the highlights of our years together – memorable people and shows we will never forget. You never quite knew what to expect at an Elvendrums show, and we’re all committed to make sure that never changes.

Avatar will always be part of our Elvendrums family, and we hope you’ll send him good wishes and energy as he continues to work on healing and taking care of himself. You can email him at avdedannan@aol.com.

Here’s a message from Avatar:

Dear friends and family of Elvendrums,

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support of our band of elves. A special Thanks to all the elves for your love and understanding.

To those of you who were with us from the very beginning of Elvendrums and to the new friends who may have just discovered us, a thought; look forward to the future. Elvendrums music is timeless and with your help it always will be. As time moves on, change is inevitable. Please continue to support Elvendrums as they continue on.

I feel that original music and original performance art is one of the most magical gifts of life's experience.

Without your support it could go away only to be replaced by industrial formulated music. It has been my personal drive to create and produce something more than commercial music. My desires were to honor Faerie, bring back the magic thru original music, to add value to all our lives, to return the love sent to us by you and have one hell of a good time doing it. Now, I believe for me those goals were met.

With that done, I say farewell, until we meet again! May you too be blessed by Faerie!

Avatar Dedannan

Elvendrums (retired)

We hope to see many of you this Spring at the St. Louis Renaissance Festival (May 14-15, May 21-22 and June 4-5). Watch our website for more details. We appreciate all your support and good wishes as we move into this next phase of our lives and our music.

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