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Elvendrums Newsletter – March 25, 2004

Greetings from the Elves!

As always, you are receiving this fine publication because you’ve asked to be added to our mailing list. Please let us know right away if you’d like to be removed or are receiving extra copies.

Hope this finds you well and enjoying the changing seasons. Welcome to all of you who have just joined our newsletter. We don’t send them out very often, so you might have wondered if you were truly subscribed.

CD Update

We’re still finishing Drumstruck, hoping to release soon. Doing an all-drumming CD, without a hint of vocals, was a new experience for us, but we’re hoping you’ll like the result. The inside CD cover will feature a real retrospective of the band, with pictures of us over the ten years we’ve played. We’ll send out an email as soon as we receive the first copies. It shouldn’t be too much longer.

Website News

We continue to update our website, adding the capacity for you to post your picture in our Guestbook. So far only one of you has added a picture – Thanks, Gafnak!

We’re hoping the website changes will make it easier to navigate.

Mad, Mad Nerethel

A few months ago, we were approached by representatives of a new TV Reality Show and asked if we would be interested in participating. Not being big fans of television in general, and certainly not reality shows, we ignored the request at first. Following up, we found this show had a unique premise: put five people who live alternative lifestyles in a mansion and invite 10 “normal” guests to come live with them. The “alts” would introduce the normal people to their lifestyles, voting off “guests” who were intolerant or unable to learn and grow from the experience. The final guest would receive $100,000.

The show has been controversial – many people coming out before taping in protest of showcasing lifestyles as alternative, with a fear that the Vampire, Witch, Voodoo priestess, Naturist and Modern Primitive in the first season would be ridiculed. Many people don’t think these practices/lifestyles belong on national television. They are afraid the media will mistreat the values and practices we all hold dear.

We’ve watched the first three episodes and have been surprised at how normal the alts seem to be.

Which brings us back to Nerethel. For several months, producers of Mad, Mad House have been interviewing and auditioning our own Nerethel Solindas for an alt position as the first Otherkin on the show. We’ve spent a lot of time talking to them about what it is to be elven, and Nerethel is really hoping he’ll be chosen.

We wanted to hear what you think of the idea of our own favorite elf on national television. If you’re interested in giving us some feedback that we’ll share (in summary form) with the producers, please email us the answer to these questions:

1. Have you ever watched Mad, Mad House? (on Sci Fi Channel, Thursday nights 9, 8 central)
2. Would you watch Mad Mad House if Nerethel was a member of the cast?
3. Do you think television is ready to showcase an Elf?
4. Do you think the guests would learn much from Nerethel?
5. The show has each alt “challenge” the guests. How could Nerethel challenge them?
6. Would you like to see Elvendrums leading a fairy midsummer revel on the show?
7. Do you think the show is icky and we should run for the hills?

We’d appreciate your feedback. All of our songs are about being true to yourself, even if you’re something many people don’t believe in – like an elf. Nere views this show as a chance to showcase his “otherness,” to expose 83 million viewers to the lightness, humor, playfulness and energy that he exudes on stage and in his normal life. Growing up like many of us, he never fit in. He believes there are more people who don’t fit in out there than “popular” people, and this is his time to reach out to them. Here’s a link to the show’s website: http://www.scifi.com/madmadhouse/

What do you think?

Upcoming Gigs

So far, we’re confirmed at the St Louis Renaissance Festival May 15-16 and May 21-22 and Heartland in Kansas Sunday, May 30. We’re considering a June gig in Jefferson City, MO. Check our site for more dates and details.

On the first day of spring, we took Kaia out to fly a kite in the park and were reminded of the incredible freedom there is in holding a string that stretches high into the sky. May your spring be filled with similar warm moments.

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