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Dear Nerethel,


Have you ever worked on something so long you wondered if it would ever happen?  Ever lost track of time, lost track of everything else in that singular pursuit of the one true thing? Well, it's happened to me. Over the years, my CD has gone from a quick live-sounding version to what it is today - professional, polished, inspired, perfected and utterly unique. It's my music done at my best.


Finally, you can have your own copy of Fade Away, the world's happiest break-up song.  There's Scirocco, a trippy didgeridoo and drumming piece, and Nature Trail, a song written and performed by then 8 year old Elenkaia, capturing nature from the viewpoint of a child on the front porch on a summer afternoon.  I've finally recorded the Queen of Faerie's Aine's Lament, complete with Spanish guitar and keyboards, and Imagica, a cautionary tale of magic.  There's a new version of Othertimes that will surprise you.  Wildly to the Night, years in the making, pulls out all the stops.  If I heard it, I found a way to reproduce it. As a songwriter, that makes me happy!


For several years, I've focused on capturing this music. Along the way, the band has done fewer and fewer live performances, as I chose to focus on the studio.  I think you'll hear that in the music. Finally.....


Wildly to the Night is available now for pre-order at our website


Why order now, when the release

date is Full Moon August?  


Because if you do, you'll get a special bonus CD.


For years, people have told me they enjoyed playing and singing along with our music.  I decided to make a second version of Wildly, taking out the vocals and pumping up the drums.  Drumming Wildly, the all-instrumental version of Wildly to the Night, is a free bonus to anyone who orders the new CD from our website prior to August 1.


Listen to our sound clips at Reverbnation or Elvendrums.com.    Share them with your friends.  Tell me what you think.


Be Wild! Order before August 1.        


"Just pick up a drum and play along/ And you'll be elven too!"


Passion, love and drums be yours!


Devan - Elvendrums

Dee Sanfilippo

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