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Elvendrums Newsletter – August 14, 2004


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Upcoming FREE Performance!

As many of you know, members of Elvendrums live in two different states and over the past year, we’ve not scheduled many performances. A year or so ago, we announced plans to produce and promote our own shows at select cities around the Midwest. We’re excited to announce an upcoming, FREE concert celebrating our new CD, Drumstruck and the opening of the new location of our friends Aquarius and Vulcan’s Forge in Kansas City, Missouri.

The show will be Saturday, October 23rd from 2:00 – 4:00, and we plan to perform and discuss our music. For more information, check out our site: http://www.elvendrums.com/aquarius.php

We’d like for this performance to be the first in a series of regular self-promoted and produced shows. We’d love to see you there. Seating is limited, so come early!

News and Updates

These days, Devan has been spending a lot of time writing and presenting workshops. Her next appearance will be as guest speaker at Faerie Gateways, October 15-17 near Columbia, Missouri. She’s scheduled to present three workshops: Faerindipity & the Lessons it Taught Me; From Mundanity to Madness – The Faerie Continuum; and Faerie: From Folklore to Physics.

For more information, visit Ozark Avalon’s site: http://www.ozarkavalon.com/

For our AOL Subscribers

AOL has a strong anti-spam policy, and we think it may have kept our August newsletter from reaching you. When a person is identified as a spammer by AOL, they ban all screen names on that Service Provider. In our case, while we’ve never been labeled as spammers, our ISP has been banned three times in the past month. There isn’t much we can do, and we appreciate the efforts to limit spam. If you think you might have missed one of our exciting and informative newsletters, you can check them out on our site. Here’s August’s elusive newsletter: http://www.elvendrums.com/Newsletter08142004.php

Happy Harvest Season!

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