Booking information

Due to the nature of our show, Elvendrums typically performs at large-stage, indoor events. Performances at outdoor events have several additional requirements: most notably a covered stage and shelter for inclement weather.

Our typical stage show is approximately 90 minutes.
Renaissance festivals require a minimum daily attendance of 5000.

These costs are to be covered by the contractor:

Base Fees
Our base fee is affected by ticket sales. For example:

Attendance Base Fee
1000+ $500
650-999 $1000
350-649 $1500
Less than 350 $2000

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses, including transportation, meals and hotel accommodations, are additional.

Production costs

  1. Light system (if required)
  2. Sound System (We can provide if attendance is under 600)
  3. Ticket sales
  4. Insurance
  5. Advertising & Promotion
  6. On-Site Logistics

Other Information

- Elvendrums will sell its products before, after and during the event.
- Free admission to the event will be provided for members of the band and their crew. The total number will be decided in advance based on other show considerations.
- Elvendrums reserves the right to book flights, choose hotels and make other travel arrangements. These will be discussed and agreed upon in advance.

All fees are negotiable. Please contact us for more information at

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