Professional Reviews

"Rich, resonant vocals do justice to the eloquent lyrics." ... "The results are - what else? - enchanting." ... "Much fun." ... "Overall, this is one of my all-time favorite albums, something I'll play frequently forever." ... " Most highly recommended."

July 1999, Spicy Green Iguana E-zine, by Elizabeth Barrette

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"I enjoy this CD very much." ... "The songs are playful as well as serious. Their shows are lively and a lot of fun. Ask your local festival organizers toinvite them, or try to get to a gathering where they will be performing. Also highly recommended."

Green Egg Magazine March-April 2000, by Urth Lover

"With a name like Elvendrums, I expected drumming to be the focus of this debut CD. Instead it's more like the foundation for a wonderfully enchanting experience. The Dragon showcases many different styles of songs, showing both the range of the drummers and the lyric writing/singing."
"Elvendrums is a quartet of drummers who can pluck your heartstrings with their voice and stir your imagination with their lyrics."
"At first glance several songs catch your attention with their catchy rhythms and chorus. A closer listen reveals a more sophisticated phrasing and insightful lyrics. The band makes the most out of the three lead singers, highlighting each one's strengths."
"The quartet blends many different sounds and styles to sing their songs, tell their stories for the listener's delight. I highly recommend this CD and was happily surprised at the level of professionalism and musical expertise this group displays."

Rambles, A Cultural Arts Magazine November 1999 Paula Ashton

"They were awesome for sure. Combining African rhythms, folk music, Elf imagery withincredible light and a very diverse show, they captured the crowd and never let them go. Utilizing dramatic themes and capturing visuals this act was very special to us all. Expect to hear much more from this act in the years to come. Good people and great energy.

Witches Voice Fritz Jung (Heartland 98 review)

"I swooned at Velvet Hammer and cried when Elvendrums did their magnificent show. It was one of those perfect moments in time. Elvendrums has an excellent CD out, too."
"I begged to be a lower minion elf. Correct that - still groveling. They have a ritual song entitled 1-1-1 on their new Dragon CD that is, okay, let me gush, to die for. "

Silver Ravenwolf (Heartland 99)

Other Reviews and Comments

"Tir nAn Og makes me bawl my eyes out every time, Rhymer sends me hopping around the room, Mask scolds me for a bunch of wasted years... and 1-1-1 just... words are no good, you'd just have to see my face. Walking in the Woods turns me into a hyper-active 4 year old, The Dragon makes me applaud and think at the same time, and ElvenDrums song and Solindas will get me in shape to do a tri-atholon at this rate of dancing. Coolavin is an earth-shaking story, I've always loved The Stolen Child, set to music it attains perfection, and The Witches' Ball has me craving a party. "

"On the whole, the drumming had a Latin-African feel to it, which added a new dimension to the otherwise Celtic feel of the music, and I certainly could not keep from drumming along on any available surface. Definitely a refreshing and welcome change from the vast majority of the music that gets regular radio airplay. Elvendrums are a unique band that simply cannot be duplicated or recreated, cloned or replicated, in any form that would be as meaningful as the original."

"I've played it almost daily since I received it and am probably going to wear it out. To sum it up in one word: perfect. Absolutely perfect. Brilliant! Fabulous! Remarkable." "Solindas is my favourite track. I have been looking for music like that for years. That kind of belly-dancing-esque/dramatic/sensual/mysterious/passionate etc. music that matches the kind of dancing I have wanted to do for years. I finally have music to help immerse me in that atmosphere."

Comments about our show:
(unsolicited fan mail)

"I have seen Elvendrums perform on several occasions in a couple of locations; and, I have loved every second. In fact the first time I saw you play I got separated from the rest of my party because I couldn't pull my attention away."

"I just heard you guys for the first time at Heartland "99" and I must say that Elvendrums blew me away!!!" "…in my personal opinion your performance was the high point of the festival!!! We just cant stop singing and drumming on tables, thank you very much!!!"

"All hail Elvendrums! The music is without successor in its genre. I love it, and to have seen you live and in person, makes it all the much more enjoyable. Thank you for such wonderful sounds."

"To anyone who hasn't been blessed with an Elvendrums performance, get to one as soon as you can! They really are quite magical!"

"I was treated at Heartland to a front row seat at your show and have to tell you it was absolutely incredible."

"Of thanks and appreciation for your wonderfully magickal performance Sunday at Heartland KC. We cannot seem to stop listening to your CD!! Hope we do not wear it out!!" "Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!"

"Para bailar la bamba, para bailar la bamba all you need is a couple of Elves and Fairies and..The Party is on... "

"I absolutely enjoyed your performances at the St. Louis Renfair. I hope you continue to return to it and I can't wait to hear another new CD."

"You elves are awesome. I love to listen to you all play."

"Your show was the highlight of my trip to the Renaissance Festival."

"I believe in fairies and being front row center at Elvendrums concerts!"

What others are saying

"…thank you a hundred thousand times over and then some for singing this, playing this, and sharing it. You all are exactly what I was looking for, just what I needed." "The only word I can think of to describe the music is 'Home.' "

"I love your music. I was listening to it with my friends one day and I'm hooked!!!!! I always heard that elves and faeries have the best taste in music, and now I know that it is true!!!"

"I've been well and truely enchanted by The Dragon; even when I'm not playing it I have snippets of the songs running through my mind."

"I must say I love the ENTIRE cd which is saying a-LOT cause my darling & I have about 400 cds!! (we have lots of friends in the business & so are we!) But I will definately reccomend (is that spelled right?) you lot to all of my friends."
Jackie & Deryn

"It seems you have traveled far down the path of creative genius my friends. I find the piece "1-1-1" to be particularly hypnotic, and you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to type and drum at the same time!!!"

"Your CD is like faerie drugs - highly addictive, prone to cause unpredictable flights of fancy, uncontrollable toe tapping, and distinctive facial changes such as ear-to-ear grins and twinkling and gleaming of the eyes." "Wheeeeee "

"Gods, the music you're doing is just gorgeous! I heard the faeries playing once, a couple of years ago, and what you're playing sounds more like them than any other music I've heard."

"I've only had the CD for a couple of hours and have fallen in love with ALL of the songs on the album…" "Keep up the GREAT work!"

"When I got the CD of course I ran to play it right away. I turned it on and turned around to see my fourteen month old son dancing spontaneously for the first time ever! Now he always dances when I play it. Sometimes he dances to other music, but always to yours."

"I wanted you all to know how much pleasure it gives me to play the CD and hear your wonderful music. I play it over and over at home, then take it with me to play in my vehicle to and from work."

"Thanks for making the wonderful music you do. Our culture would lack so much without music like yours."

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